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Our core know-how : Technical & Quality second part audits . Our approach is unbiased and technical.

The audit is an expert tool which enables you to check and improve the quality of the organization and management of manufacturing processes as well as  the end product from a production site

We perform several types of audits :

  • For distributors or importers

    Assessment  audits and the follow-up of suppliers, selection and follow up of manufacturers on the basis of on-site audits.

    Referencing and agreement audits of production site : referencing a supplier according ot the requirements and assessment criteria set by ATeCQ, according to a system of references set by either the customer or accordinf ISO 22716 standard (GMP Cosmetics)

    Follow up audit : A new audit of the manufacturer according to an adapted frequency to reach and follow the required quality standard, making it possible to check the implementation of the corrective actions.

The various steps of a second part audit

An audit is carried out according to the following steps:

1/ Planning with all the requested literature sent by the audited site (pre audit questionnaire)  

2/ the audit is performed according to the instructions given either by the contractor or the framework as  specified in the following program:

  • opening meeting to set the objectives of the day
  • examination of the documents
  • Visit of the premises following the flow of the products
  • visit of the laboratory and traceability  test
  • Closing meeting to summarize the measures which are to be taken 

 On average, an audit lasts 8 hours

3/ a report is written and sent together with a plan of actions within two weeks. It is written in French or/and in English on request.

The available standards

We perform our audits according to:

- The exclusive system of references ATeCQ has conceived to meet the requirements fixed by the ISO norms  (9001, 14001, OHSAS, SD 21000, 22716) and the concerns expressed by the retail chains. It is regularly updated.

The assessment of the manufacturer is made through over 310 check points, focusing notably on :

  • Hygiene Security Environment & Quality Management
  • Product quality
  • Mastering of processes
- GMP Cosmetics standard (ISO 22716)


- Your own reference and ratings systems

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