You are a retailer we can work together

As a retailer, you have multiple and major responsibilities. We are present to support you and give you our time and expertise

We provide several services with a view to transmitting our know-how either with specific missions or on a regular basis. We insist on personal service and  are eager to provide you with assistance and support so as to meet your needs. 

Quality audits second part

  • Referencing audits of your suppliers
  • Follow up audit 

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Quality Customer Care

Temporary replacement or creation of your quality system

  • Overall quality management of your suppliers
  • Creation of new products
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Organizing bidding procedures
  • Labeling validation
  • Creation and follow-up of  the terms and conditions and /or the  specs of a product
  • Creation and follow- up of the annual control plans
  • Quality management of commercial operations
  • Expertise, handling , follow-up of consumers’ complaints
  • Legal survey and popularization of the requirements related to regulation

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